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High light quality, high brightness, high efficacy

LEDTEEN Opto Semiconductors(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd., an industry leader focusing on LED integrated packaging (COB) R&D and manufacturing.

Ledteen lighting is a national high-tech enterprise with a 10,000-level dust-free production workshop, an advanced and complete LED COB production line, a strong industrial transformation capability and a mature market promotion model, with an average monthly production capacity of 6KK.

  • R & D Capability

    R & D Capability

    LEDTEEN boasts 100+ patents and a dedicated team of 90+ experts in technology research and development. Our team comprises top-tier talent from prestigious universities, listed companies, and internationally renowned enterprises. Additionally, we prioritize the independent cultivation of experienced LED technical professionals.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    Intelligent Manufacturing

    LEDTEEN The intelligent manufacturing system is strong and perfect. In 2019, it was selected as a typical case of enterprises selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. In 2022, it will obtain the AAA level two integration management system certification. Support the whole process of manufacturing and after-sales service.

  •  Quality Strategy

    Quality Strategy

    LEDTEEN Pursue the quality concept of "intelligent manufacturing zero defect and high quality light source", each step and process has strict inspection standards and quality control, in strict accordance with the ISO 9001 / 14001 certification system complete operation, the whole series of products through the IATF-16949 certification, the whole series of products through the LM-80 test, has passed the CE certification, ROHS certification, UL certification.

  • Panorama Factory

    Panorama Factory

    The silicon energy factory is equipped with a ten-thousand-level dust-free production workshop, with advanced LED chip packaging production line and automation, digital control system. Customers are mainly international frontline lighting facilities manufacturers and brand operators.