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High light quality, high brightness, high efficacy

LEDTEEN Opto Semiconductors(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd., an industry leader focusing on LED integrated packaging (COB) R&D and manufacturing.

Ledteen lighting is a national high-tech enterprise with a 10,000-level dust-free production workshop, an advanced and complete LED COB production line, a strong industrial transformation capability and a mature market promotion model, with an average monthly production capacity of 6KK.

  • R & D Capability

    R & D Capability

    LEDTEEN boasts 100+ patents and a dedicated team of 90+ experts in technology research and development. Our team comprises top-tier talent from prestigious universities, listed companies, and internationally renowned enterprises. Additionally, we prioritize the independent cultivation of experienced LED technical professionals.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    Intelligent Manufacturing

    The LEDTEEN intelligent manufacturing system is strong and perfect, supporting the whole process of manufacturing and after-sales guarantee and traceability.

  •  Quality Strategy

    Quality Strategy

    LEDTEEN follows the quality concept of "Intelligent Manufacturing, zero-defect, and high-quality light sources". Each step and process has strict inspection standards and quality control. It strictly operates in accordance  with the full set of ISO 9001/14001 certification systems. All series of products have passed the IATF 16949 certification, the LM-80 test, CE certification, ROHS certification and UL certification one after another.

  • Panorama Factory

    Panorama Factory

    The LEDTEEN's factory is equipped with a ten-thousand-level dust-free production workshop, with advanced LED chip packaging production line and automation, digital control system. Customers are mainly international frontline lighting facilities manufacturers and brand operators.