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LED light source solution

We all know that the parameters of the light source mainly include: current, power, luminous flux, light decay, light color, color rendering, how to ensure the hardware packaging technology that determines these parameters, Silicon Energy has been concentrating on research and development, focusing on the field of LED packaging technology, and for the purpose of human-oriented lighting, strive to create high-quality natural light-imitating LED light sources, and provide high-quality and reasonable solutions for various industries.

  • Commercial Light

    Commercial lighting refers to the lighting system and equipment used in commercial buildings and premises. It includes the design, installation and management of commercial lighting to meet different environmental and functional needs. The goal of commercial lighting is to provide enough light to support commercial activities and enhance the user experience.

  • Industrial Light

    Industrial lighting refers to the lighting system and equipment used in the industrial environment. It is intended to provide proper lighting to meet the safety, productivity and operational needs of industrial sites. Industrial lighting is usually used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, logistics centers, processing plants, workshops, and other industrial facilities.

  • On-board Light

    On-board lighting refers to the lighting system and devices installed on cars, trucks, motorcycles and other means of transportation. It is used to provide the vehicle's headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, profile lights, fog lights, internal lighting and other functions.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting refers to the lighting system and equipment used in the outdoor environment. It is used to provide lighting needs for outdoor space, including public places, streets, squares, parks, exterior walls of buildings, landscapes, etc. Outdoor lighting provides adequate lighting at night or under low light conditions to ensure safety,

  • Intelligent Dimming

    Intelligent dimming lighting is a lighting system that can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the requirements. It uses advanced sensors, controllers and communication technologies, as well as intelligent algorithms and software, to achieve accurate control and automatic adjustment of lighting brightness.

  • Landscape Light

    Landscape lighting refers to the lighting that highlights and enhances the landscape features and elements in the outdoor environment through lighting technology and equipment. It aims to create artistic, aesthetic and dramatic outdoor lighting effects to enhance the visual appeal, nighttime experience and security of the place.

  • Photo Stage Light

    Photo lighting is a technique that uses light to illuminate a subject when taking a photo or film. Good photographic lighting can make the taken photos or movies more vivid, beautiful, artistic, but also can highlight the characteristics and aesthetic feeling of the subject. Photographic lighting needs to consider factors such as the number, location, intensity, color and direction of the light source, as well as the size, shape, material and other factors of the scene.

  • Medical Light

    Medical lighting refers to the lighting system and equipment used in a medical environment. It is intended to provide appropriate lighting conditions for medical work to support medical personnel in performing accurate diagnostic, treatment, and surgical procedures, while providing patient and staff comfort and safety.

  • Plant Light

    Plant lighting refers to providing the required light conditions for plants through artificial light sources to promote the growth and development of plants. It is widely used in the fields of indoor planting, greenhouse planting and vertical agriculture.