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Quality Strategy

LEDTEEN follows the quality concept of "Intelligent Manufacturing, zero-defect, and high-quality light sources". Each step and process has strict inspection standards and quality control. It strictly operates in accordance  with the full set of ISO 9001/14001 certification systems. All series of products have passed the IATF 16949 certification, the LM-80 test, CE certification, ROHS certification and UL certification one after another.

Introduction of the R & D laboratory

Electrical laboratory: It is equipped with an LED optoelectronic analysis system and a microscopic morphology analysis system, which can meet the testing needs of the optoelectronic properties and device microscopic morphology of the R&D projects. The main equipment is as follows:

Application area Device nameEquipment usage
Photoelectric performance analysisA 1m temperature-controlled integral ball
Test the optical flux, and test the relative spectral power points Cloth, radiation power, color coordinate, and main wave Long, peak wavelength, color temperature, and color rendering finger count.
2m points ball

D062 Universal standard light source

The WY series has a precision digital display DC steady current steady voltage voltage source
DPS series intelligent AC test special power supply
Spatial spectral distribution measuring meterTest and analyze the uniformity of light spatial distribution of LED light source
Microscopic topography analysisX-RAY detectorFor the microstructure measurement and analysis of the LED devices

Reliability laboratory: equipped with reliability testing equipment, which can meet the needs of development samples and product reliability testing

The main equipment is as follows:

Application area Device nameEquipment use
package reliability instrumenttationThe alternating heat and humid experimental box at high and low temperature

For LED lamp bead accelerated life test, simulation Lambeads in set temperature and humidity environment For life.

Constant temperature and humidity testing machineFor LED lamp bead accelerated life test, simulation Lambeads in set temperature and humidity environment For life.
Normal temperature aging frameFor the working life of COB lamp in room temperature environment.
The junction temperature testerUsed to test LED lamps
Thermal imagerFor surface temperature measurement of COB lamps
Digital multimeterTest electrical parameters
Data acquisition unitData acquisition (temperature, voltage)
Programmable power supplyLight source lighting test
OscilloscopeTest the LED, and the electrical performance
Safety gauge integrated analyzerFor product safety regulation testing
Electrostatic discharge platformFor the electrostatic testing of the LED devices
Hot and cold impact boxFor product reliability testing
Sample storage deviceMoisture proof boxUsed for sample moisture-proof storage, to avoid sample moisture Cause oxidation and other adverse consequences, affect the sample can be By the sex.
Sample optical detection instrument Image measurement instrumentFor sample appearance of LED beads / chips survey.
  • IATF 16949 certified-2022

    IATF 16949 certified-2022

  • ISO 14001 2015 certified-2022

    ISO 14001 2015 certified-2022

  • ISO 9001 certified-2022

    ISO 9001 certified-2022