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LEDEEN ranks No. 4 in the world! 2022 global lighting COB packaging manufacturers revenue ranking released

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In 2022, the demand for LED lighting terminals will decline significantly. In particular, the Chinese market is affected by factors such as the epidemic lockdown, government budget reductions, and the downturn in the real estate market. The performance of commercial lighting, home lighting, and outdoor lighting markets is relatively sluggish. In overseas markets, affected by factors such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and inflation, the LED lighting market is also performing poorly. On the supply side, the production capacity of lighting LED packaging has not decreased significantly, the market competition has intensified, the utilization rate of manufacturers has declined, and product prices have continued to fall.

With both volume and price falling, the latest data from TrendForce shows that the global lighting LED packaging market will reach US$4.29 billion in 2022, a sharp drop of 29.3% year-on-year. COB is one of the branches of lighting LED packaging products, and the market demand has also declined simultaneously. However, under the trend that the lighting market is becoming more and more subdivided, COB packaging products still have good market prospects.

The commercial photo market is increasingly subdivided, and COB packaging products continue to occupy the high-end market

With the development of the lighting industry, the competitive environment of the commercial lighting market is becoming more and more "involved", and the requirements are becoming more and more detailed. Early commercial lighting mainly required the light quality of LED light sources, and the requirements for parameters such as CRI and color temperature were relatively strict. The current commercial lighting market requires not only high-quality light sources, but also further requirements for various parameters of LED light sources for different application scenarios.

Such as clothing lighting, jewelry lighting and fresh lighting, these three fields will have different requirements for LED light sources; another example is hotel lighting and museum lighting, the two application scenarios have different requirements for LED light source parameters. Since the development of LED light sources for commercial lighting, in addition to the light quality, the light source parameter requirements in different application scenarios must also be considered. This has become the development trend of commercial lighting, and the requirements will only become more and more detailed in the future.

Compared with SMD LED products, COB packaging products are more suitable for the increasingly thinner trend of commercial lighting. COB products are surface light sources, which have more advantages in terms of light color consistency and uniformity. In addition, the design of secondary optics can also reduce the occurrence of problems such as spot light, glare, and ghosting; it can also reduce the loss of light refraction, thereby improving the overall light efficiency of lighting products.

Therefore, in the future, in the face of increasingly subdivided commercial lighting needs, the advantages of COB light sources will be further reflected. At present, COB light sources have dominated the high-end commercial lighting market. In the future, as the proportion of demand for high-end commercial lighting increases, the demand for COB light sources will continue to grow. And as the cost declines, COB light sources are also expected to sink into some mid-range commercial lighting markets.

The trend of non-main lamp design promotes the entry of COB packaging products into the home lighting market

As people's lives become more and more refined, the demand for home lighting has risen from basic lighting to home atmosphere creation and decoration, and they yearn for a humanized and comfortable lighting environment. Therefore, we can see the current home lighting design scheme, and the design without main lights is becoming more and more popular. The early design scheme of the huge and complex crystal chandelier main light was gradually abandoned, replaced by a variety of simple lighting product combinations such as downlights, spotlights, track lights, wall lamps and light strips, that is, no main light design scheme.

The design without a main light makes the whole home space more concise, and can realize the design effect of seeing the light but not the light, which is more in line with the minimalist style pursued by modern people. In addition, the main light design pays more attention to the texture of the space light environment, making the light more layered, artistic and quality. It can also switch different lighting scenarios according to different application scenarios to meet the different needs of different spaces for lighting. Therefore, in the field of home lighting in recent years, it can be seen that the use of lighting products such as downlights, spotlights, and track lights has gradually increased, while the use of products such as crystal chandeliers, lamp tubes, and bulbs has been decreasing.

For LED light sources, due to the increase in the use of products such as downlights, spotlights and track lights, the demand for COB light sources in the home lighting market has also increased simultaneously. Moreover, compared with SMD light sources, the light quality of COB light sources is better, and it is more suitable for people's needs for the comfort of home lighting environments. Therefore, in the future home lighting market, the market demand for COB light sources will continue to grow.

With the improvement of high-power COB light source technology, the proportion of outdoor lighting applications is expected to increase

COB light sources are generally used in the low-power lighting market, and most of the products are 3W-30W, 30W-60W. However, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of COB packaging technology and continuous improvement of materials, more and more high-power COB light source products have been launched on the market. For example, the G series COB products of Guangzhou Silicon Energy can cover a maximum power of 160W, and the application scenarios gradually penetrate from indoor to outdoor. The biggest problem of COB high-power light sources is heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation will lead to serious light decay or even dead lights. In recent years, the performance of LED chips, substrates, silica gel, phosphors and other materials has been improving. The industry has been able to better solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power COB products. While extending the product life, it also maintains a high luminous efficiency.

In terms of the overall lamp and secondary optical design of high-power outdoor lighting, COB light sources have obvious advantages over SMD light sources. The COB light source has a smaller light-emitting area and high light source density, which is more conducive to the design of the entire lamp and secondary optics. Using COB light sources, outdoor lighting fixtures can be designed to be lighter and smaller. In terms of the cost of the whole lamp, the COB light source also has certain advantages. Therefore, it can be seen that in the field of outdoor lighting fixtures, including spotlights, street lights and other products, the proportion of COB light sources is gradually increasing.

To sum up, whether it is in the field of commercial lighting, home lighting or outdoor high-power lighting, COB light source products have good development prospects in the future.

Citizen continues to rank first in the COB market, and domestic companies are rapidly rising

From the perspective of manufacturers, high-end markets such as Europe and the United States are still dominated by international manufacturers, including Citizen, CREE, and Purui. However, in markets such as China, India, and Southeast Asia, the rise of Chinese manufacturers is very obvious, including Silicon Power, Tiandian Optoelectronics, etc.

In 2022, Citizen will continue to rank first in the revenue of global COB packaging manufacturers. In the domestic market, due to the sluggish real estate economy in 2022 and the impact of commercial lighting on the epidemic, while the demand for COB packaging has declined, the product specification requirements have also declined, and the proportion of demand for low-end products has increased. Therefore, Citizen’s share in the domestic market has declined. However, in high-end markets such as Europe and the United States, Citizen occupies an absolute leading position, and its market share continues to be at a high level. On the whole, in the field of COB packaging, Citizen is in the leading position in the industry no matter in terms of scale or technology.

In 2022, Puri's COB lighting packaging revenue scale will rise to the second place. From 2021, Puri will launch a series of new products with more complete product categories, covering different levels of markets such as Europe, America, China, and India. In 2022, when the demand for COB packaging declines, the market share of Preh will rise against the trend.

CREE has been cultivating the lighting market, mainly promoting high-power and COB products, which are widely used in street lights, tunnel lights and other outdoor high-power lighting products. In 2022, affected by the decline in demand in the commercial lighting market, CREE's COB packaging business will also be affected, but it still ranks third.

Silicon Energy Optoelectronics is deeply involved in the LED lighting packaging market, and COB is its main product. In recent years, through in-depth cooperation with international first-line manufacturers, its production capacity has continued to expand. Although affected by the decline in industry demand, COB packaging revenue will decline in 2022, but its market share has steadily increased, ranking fourth.

Other major lighting COB packaging manufacturers include Lumileds, Tongfang, Samsung LED, Nichia, Luminas, Hongli Zhihui, Sunpu Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Guangyuan, and Ou Langte, etc.

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